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This object defines channel properties for a particular property of a material, such as diffuse color, specular color, etc. A material object will typically define a collection of material_channel objects to describe each property of the material.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
channel A channel definition. N/A no
group A string representing a slash-delimited (“/”) path indicating the channel’s group for data pathing and presentation in the UI. “/” no
color A float3 RGB color as a vector of values in the range [0, 1] None no
strength A float strength value in range [0, 1] None no
image A string representing the URI to a valid image file None no


This type can be extended to include strength and color values that either multiply by the given map or act as the full value for the material channel.

At least one of strength or color is required to be present if image is present.


  "channel" : {
  	"id" : "glossiness",
  	"type" : "float",
  	"name" : "Glossiness",
  	"label" : "Glossiness",
  	"value" : 1,
  	"min" : 0,
  	"max" : 1,
  	"clamped" : true,
  	"display_as_percent" : true,
  	"step_size" : 0.01,
  	"mappable" : true
  "group" : "/Specular"
  "color" : [ 0.24, 0.45, 0.19 ],
  "image" : "DAZ/Materials/Skin.dsf#skin12"