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File Types

A DSON format file is a container file that is composed of arrays (libraries) of asset definitions, and (optionally) a scene definition. The file itself is not strictly considered an asset.

Asset definitions within a DSON Support File (DSF) are pure definitions and represent information that can be shared among instances, although the format itself does not require any sharing. A DSON User File (DUF) can contain any information that a DSF file can, but assets within a DUF cannot be referenced by any other file since DUF files are understood to be “top-level” or “user-facing” files that may be moved around by, or shared between, users and thus do not need to remain within a strict file structure in order to maintain a constant locator for the file.

Assets in either file type can only be instantiated in the format through the use of *_instance objects. Scenes are collections and arrangements of asset instances with specific property/parameter settings that reference assets and contain all the information needed to completely recreate a scene from a very lightweight description.