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This is an abstract object that contains the common properties for all channel types.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
id A string representing a unique ID within the property scope of the containing object. None yes
type A string representing the data type of the channel. Valid values are “alias”, “bool”, “color”, “enum”, “float”, “image”, “int” and “string”. See Extended By. “float” yes
name A string representing the internal name to apply to this channel. An empty string is not a valid name. None yes
label A string representing a user-facing label to apply to this channel. None no
visible A boolean value representing a UI hint, indicating whether or not the parameter should be shown. true no
locked A boolean value representing whether or not the parameter is allowed to be changed. false no
auto_follow A boolean value representing whether or not the channel should automatically be connected to a corresponding channel during conforming. false no

Extended By

For each type of channel, there are corresponding attributes that are specific to that type. For details, see:


The ID of a channel does not have to be unique within file scope because it is not an “asset” and its addressing is always via property addressing, so must only be unique within the scope of the containing/owning object.


	"id" : "x",
	"label" : "Side-Side",
	"visible" : true,
	"locked" : true,
	"min" : 0.0,
	"max" : 1.0,
	"clamped" : true,
	"display_as_percent" : false,
	"step_size" : 2.0,
	"value" : 0.0