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Package Naming

This page is a WIP. There is likely to be incomplete and or missing information while the page is being built.


Zip files being very common, Install Manager enforces a strict naming policy for its packages1). Install Manager will only pay attention to a zip file whose name matches a specific pattern. This matching process is performed using a precise regular_expression, documented in detail below.


The initial regular expression used by Install Manager to validate the name of packages that are located in the active account's specified “Package Archive” folder is:


If a match can be made, the following regular expression is then used to determine whether the file is a standard_package or a custom_package:


Below is an annotated example followed by additional information about the naming pattern used and what the various parts are used for and/or mean.

Source Prefix
  | Product/Package ID Delimiter
  |        |
  |        | Package ID/Name Delimiter
  |        |  |
  |        |  |               File Extension Delimiter
  |        |  |                        |
  |        |  |                        | File Extension
  |        |  |                        | _
 /\        |  |                        |/ \
   \______/ \/ \______________________/
       |     |            |
       |     |   Product [Part] Name
       |     |
       |   Package ID
 Product SKU/ID
  • Source Prefix - A sequence of capital letters in the English alphabet and/or numbers, used to identify the source of the file. The IM, DZ, DAZ, DAZ3D and TAFI prefixes are reserved for use by DAZ 3D. Other prefixes can be used to identify products provided by other sources. Prefixes used to represent other sources must start with at least one letter and can optionally be followed by up to six letters and/or numbers, for a total of seven characters; e.g. A-Z, 0-9; lowercase letters and special characters are not supported.
  • Product SKU/ID - A zero padded eight (8) digit integer value that represents the Stock Keeping Unit (sku) used to uniquely identify the product. This value can be shared between multiple packages belonging to the same product. Product SKUs/IDs must be unique..
  • Product/Package ID Delimiter - A hyphen (-) character between the Product SKU/ID and the Package ID which is used for parsing these values from the file name in the event that a Package Supplement File for the file does not exist.
  • Package ID - A zero padded two (2) digit integer value used to uniquely identify a downloadable file provided by the product. This value should not be used more than once within the same product. Once this value is associated with the type of contents in the package (i.e. a Package Qualifier), it should not be changed.
  • Package ID/Name Delimiter - An underscore (_) character between the Package ID and the Product Name, used for parsing these values from the file name in the event that a Product Supplement File for the package does not exist.
  • Product [Part] Name - A sanitized and perhaps shortened version of the product name, including the part identifier, if any, where no special characters or spaces are present. In the event that a Product Supplement File for the package does not exist, this is the name displayed to the user.
  • File Extension Delimiter - A period (.) character.
  • File Extension - The lowercase sequence of characters, z, i and p.
sometimes referred to as “downloads” or “installers”