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This section of the Reference Guide serves to peel back the layers of the Install Manager user interface, with the intention of providing the information needed to make the most out of the application. Each page provides an image with an annotation indicating the current level of the interface. That level is then described below the image. Below that, each parent and child element is briefly described and a link to more information about the elements is provided. An image, with annotations calling out the various elements listed, is provided as shown below. This pattern is repeated throughout the UI section of the Reference Guide.

Child Elements

Main Window Child Elements

Below is a list of interface elements that exist within the Main Window of the application:

  • Busy Indicator - Provides visual feedback that the application is currently busy.
  • Refresh Button - Causes the lists on the pages in the Product Status area to be rebuilt from the data on disk.
  • Account Button - Causes the Account Window to be displayed, allowing you to switch between working online, working offline, switching to a different account or creating a new one.
  • Help Button - Causes the system default web browser to be opened to the Install Manager help page.
  • Settings Button - Causes the Settings Window to be displayed, allowing you to manage accounts and folders that are used by the application.
  • Filter Field - Used to filter the lists of products in the Product Status area.
  • Product Status - Provides lists of products that you can download, install and/or uninstall from.

Element Index

Below is a dynamic list of interface elements that have been documented thus far. As new elements are documented, this list will automatically update to include them. This list is provided as an alternative to the structured approach (above) and is intended to be used for quick access to the various elements. The contents of the pages themselves are the same, regardless of which navigation method you choose.