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Base class for all audio clip importers.


Inherits :


Detailed Description

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String : getDescription()

Return Value:

  • A description of the importer that can be placed in a file type selection combo box (e.g. “WAV Format”).

String : getExtension()

Return Value:

  • The file extension (excluding the preceding dot) supported by this importer.

DzError : loadAudio( String filename, DzAudioClip clip, DzFileIOSettings options )

TODO: Add description.

DzError : loadAudio( String filename, DzAudioClip clip )

Reads the file.


  • filename - Name of the file to be read.
  • clip - Audio clip to read data into.

Return Value:

  • DZ_NO_ERROR on success, otherwise an error code.

Boolean : recognize( String filename )

Test the given filename and file contents to see if this importer can read it.


  • filename - The name of the file to test.

Return Value:

  • true if the importer can import the file, otherwise false.