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Class that encapsulates audio playback.


Inherits :



DAZ Script
DzErroropenFile ( String filename )
voidpause ()
voidplay ()
voidreset ()

Detailed Description

This class is implemented by platform specific audioclip classes, winaudioclip_dz and macaudioclip_dz.

See Also:


DzTime : currentPosition

The current position of the audio clip from the start.

String : filename

The name of the file the audio clip was loaded from (Read Only)

DzTime : length

The length of the audio clip (Read Only)

Number : rate

The current rate multiplier for the audio clip


DzError : openFile( String filename )

Opens the file specified by filename and sets up the audio clip.


  • filename - The name of the audio file to load.

Return Value:

  • true if the file was successfully opened, false otherwise;

void : pause()

Pauses the audio clip without resetting current position.

void : play()

Plays the audio clip from current position.

void : reset()

Resets the current position of the audio clip to the beginning.