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When an application attempts to load a file and is unable to locate one or more assets that are referenced in the file, the application may use a preview object to synthesize a stand-in billboard item in the scene that represents the missing asset.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
oriented_box An oriented_box that defines the bounding box of the stand-in item. N/A no
center_point A float3 representing the center point of the item. N/A no
end_point An float3 representing the end point of the stand-in object. N/A no
rotation_order A string representing the rotation order to use when interpreting oriented_box data for this preview. Valid values are “XYZ”, “YZX”, “ZYX”, “ZXY”, “XZY”, and “YXZ”. “XYZ” no


    "oriented_box" : {
        "min" : [ 4.32, 10.3, 9.87 ],
        "max" : [ 92.74, 9.21, 8.34 ]
    "center_point" : float3,
    "end_point" : float3,
    "rotation_order" : "YXZ"