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Information and imagery describing how to present an asset to the user.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
type A content type path. (e.g. “Modifier/Pose”) None yes
label A user-friendly brief name. None yes
description A sentence describing the item. None yes
icon_large An approximately 132 x 176 pixel image demonstrating the item. None yes
icon_small An approximately 66 x 88 pixel image demonstrating the item. None no
colors An Array of two float3 RGB colors that are compatible with the icon image colors. None yes


At least the icon_large image must be given. If the icon_small image is missing, an application may need to downsize the icon_large image to use in areas of the interface that require smaller icons.

The type element is a discreet content type string as defined in the Content Types table.


    "type" : "Modifier/Pose",
    "label" : "Smile",
    "description" : "A morph used to pose the mouth in the shape of a smile",
    "icon_large" : "/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs/DAZ 3D/Base/CTRLMouthSmileLarge.png",
    "icon_small" : "/data/DAZ 3D/Genesis/Base/Morphs/DAZ 3D/Base/CTRLMouthSmileSmall.png",
    "colors" : [ [ 0.25, 0.89, 0.98 ], [ 0.14, 0.73, 0.43 ] ]