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Defines properties of a material binding for a collection of material groups.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
id A string representing the unique identifier within the file None yes
url A string representing the URI of a material asset definition to instantiate None no
geometry A string representing the scene reference to a geometry definition to attach to. None no
groups A string_array of polygon group names (see geometry) to attach the material to. None yes


This is an instance class that may override defaults in the referenced material definition. All fields of the material definition, with the exception of the id and uv_set fields, may be overridden in this instance element.


This will set the material on the 6_Eyelash polygon group.

  "id" : "6_Eyelash-1",
  "url" : "#6_Eyelash",
  "geometry" : "#geometry",
  "groups" : [ "6_Eyelash" ],