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An object that defines properties of a spot light source.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
intensity Light intensity, in the [0, 1] range 1.0 no
shadow_type Type of shadowing to use for this light. Valid values are “none”, “shadow_map”, and “raytraced”. “none” no
shadow_softness If the light casts shadows, this is the softness factor to apply to the shadow. 0.0 no
shadow_bias For shadow mapped shadows, this is the shadow bias. 1.0 no
constant_attenuation See Details 1.0 no
linear_attenuation See Details 0.0 no
quadratic_attenuation See Details 0.0 no
falloff_angle See Details 180.0 degrees no
falloff_exponent See Details 0.0 no


The constant_attenuation, linear_attenuation, and quadratic_attenuation are used to calculate the total attenuation of this light given a distance. The equation used is:

color_scaling = constant_attenuation + ( Dist * linear_attenuation ) + (( Dist^2 ) * quadratic_attenuation )

The falloff_angle and falloff_exponent are used to specify the amount of attenuation based on the direction of the light.


    "intensity" : 0.34,
    "shadow_type" : "shadow_map",
    "shadow_softness" : 3.0,
    "shadow_bias" : 2.8,
    "constant_attenuation" : 0.8,
    "falloff_angle" : 25.0