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Defines an image asset.

Parent Objects


Name Description Default Required
id The unique ID for this instance within the file. None yes
name The internal name of the image. None yes
source The URI of the image asset that this image was derived from, if any. “” no
map_gamma A float representing the gamma of the image. 0 no
map_size The preferred image size to apply to the composed map. None no
map An array (stack) of image_map objects used to define per-pixel properties of the material channel. None no


The map property defines a stack of images to be interpreted as individual layers. The first image in the stack defines the bottom layer, and each subsequent image represents an additional layer. The operation property of the layer is ignored for the bottom layer (first entry in the map array), but for other layers it defines how the image should be composited into the image chain. The map property must contain at least one image_map definition.

The map_gamma property defines the gamma of the image if a map property is present. A value that is less than or equal to zero (0) is interpreted to mean that it is up to the application to determine the gamma of the image. A value greater than zero (0) is interpreted to be the gamma encoding of the pixels in the image.

The map_size property defines the final image size of the output image if a map element is present, but also defines the size at which all layer images will be composited if more than one image is given in the map stack. If an image differs than this size upon import, it should be scaled to size before applying compositing operations in the map stack. The DSON format does not dictate whether image operations like scaling, rotating, and flipping should occur before or after any necessary image resizing in the map stack.

If the map_size element is missing when a map is present, the output size of the map stack is application-defined.


    "id" : "decal24",
    "name" : "Golden Dragon",
    "map" : [
            "url" : "Images/Happy/Goofy.jpg",
            "label" : "Goofy",
            "color" : [ 1.0, 0.2, 0.34 ],
            "transparency" : 0.67,
            "rotation" : 20.3,
            "ymirror" : true,
            "xscale" : 1.7,
            "xoffset" : -0.43,
            "url" : "Images/HeavyLightmap.jpg",
            "label" : "Heavy Light Map",
            "color" : [ 1.0, 0.2, 0.34 ],
            "transparency" : 0.4,
            "operation" : "add",