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Describes the addressing, version, and ownership of an asset.

Parent Object


Name Description Default Required
id A string representing the URL for this file, relative to a content root folder. None yes
type A string representing a hint of how to load the file. None no
contributor A contributor object representing a person or entity that worked on the asset. N/A yes
revision A string representing the revision number for the file. “1.0” yes
modified A date_time representing the given revision of the file. None no


The id indicates the file path that should be used for the file containing this definition. The file path should always begin with a leading ‘/’ and is understood to be relative to the content directory root folder.

Assets within a DSF file are assumed to “live” together forever so that asset addressing of assets within the file may remain constant. If it is necessary to update the assets within a previously deployed file and re-deploy it, the revision number should be incremented to allow differentiation between the original file and the updated file. How the revision field is interpreted is application-defined.


	“id” : “/DAZ/Clothing/Short2.dsf”,
	“type” : “preset_pose”,
	“contributor” : {
		/*  See contributor  */
	“revision” : “1.0”,
	“modified” : “Sat Feb 25 16:42:11 2012”