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General Interface

  • Simple Input Dialog - Displays an input widget within a simple dialog that has the standard button layout found throughout the application, and reacts according to whether the user accepts or cancels.
  • Simple Image Dialog - Displays an image within a standard dialog.
  • Simple Composite Image Dialog - Displays a composite image within a standard dialog.
  • Simple Image Map Dialog - Displays an image that allows detecting interaction with pixels, a standard dialog.
  • Simple Text Browser Dialog - Displays a text browser within a simple dialog that has a slightly modified version of the standard buttons found on dialogs throughout the application.
  • widget_test - Tests various aspects of the various widget types.
  • Display Document - Dynamically locates a document in a mapped content directory and then prompts the OS to perform its default handling of the file.
  • Copy UI from Channel - Copies the interface of another channel (i.e., General Release, Public Build, Publishing Build, Private Build, Dev Build) to the channel of the executing build.