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This class manages the inclusion/exclusion of render options.


Inherits :

Inherited By : textureconvertoroptions_dz




DAZ Script
DzRenderOptions ()


DAZ Script
voidapplyChanges ()
voidcopyFrom ( DzRenderOptions opt )
DzFloatColorgammaCorrectColor ( DzFloatColor color )
voidresetOptions ()
voidrestoreDefaultSettings ()
voidsetAspectRatio ( Number widthRatio, Number heightRatio )
voidsetToDefaults ()


voidaspectChanged ( Number val )
voidaspectChanged ( Number w, Number h )
voidaspectConstrainChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voiddefaultsRestored ()
voiddoubleSidedChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voidendTimeChanged ( DzTime time )
voidgainChanged ( Number gain )
voidgammaChanged ( Number gamma )
voidgammaCorrectionChanged ( DzRenderOptions::GammaCorrection gc )
voidimageSizeChanged ( Size size )
voidmotionBlurOffsetChanged ( Number offset )
voidmotionBlurPctChanged ( Number pct )
voidmotionBlurSamplesChanged ( Number samples )
voidopenGLPassesChanged ( Number passes )
voidpixelFilterChanged ( DzRenderOptions::PixelFilter filter )
voidrayTraceDepthChanged ( Number depth )
voidrenderCurrentFrameChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voidrenderImgFilenameChanged ( String filename )
voidrenderImgTargetChanged ( DzRenderOptions::RenderImgTarget id )
voidrenderMovFilenameChanged ( String filename )
voidrenderMovTargetChanged ( DzRenderOptions::RenderMovTarget id )
voidrenderSerFilenameChanged ( String filename )
voidrenderStyleChanged ( DzRenderOptions::RenderStyle style )
voidrenderTypeChanged ( DzRenderOptions::RenderType type )
voidrenderViewportChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voidsettingsChanged ()
voidshadingRateChanged ( Number rate )
voidshadowSamplesChanged ( Number samples )
voidshowPreviewChanged ( Boolean onoff )
voidstartTimeChanged ( DzTime time )
voiduseGLSLChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voiduseMotionBlurChanged ( Boolean onOff )
voidxFilterWidthChanged ( Number width )
voidxPixelSamplesChanged ( Number samples )
voidyFilterWidthChanged ( Number width )
voidyPixelSamplesChanged ( Number samples )

Detailed Description

The RenderOptions class is responsible for the inclusion/exclusion of certain aspects of a render.


: GammaCorrection

States for gamma correction.

  • GCOff - Gamma correction off.
  • GCOn - Gamma correction on.


: PixelFilter

The types of pixel filters available for RenderMan renders.

  • Box - The Box filter.
  • Triangle - The triangle filter.
  • CatmullRom - The Catmull-Rom filter.
  • Gaussian - The Gaussian filter.
  • Sinc - The Sinc filter.


: RenderImgTarget

Types of Render Destinations

  • ActiveView - Renders the image in the active viewport.
  • NewWindow - Renders the image in a new window.
  • DirectToFile - Renders the image directly to a file.


: RenderMovTarget

The Types of Movies that can be rendered

  • MovieFile - A video file created/compressed by system specific video API's.
  • ImageSeries - A series of image files, one for each frame in the movie.


: RenderStyle

The style of the render

  • Normal - The shaders/materials for the objects will be used to render.
  • Cartoon - The entire scene will be rendered with a cartoon style shader.


: RenderType

Types of Render Operations

  • ScreenShot - Performs a 'viewport' render, grabbing a frame from the interactive viewport. See Also: DzDrawStyle
  • HardwareAssisted - Performs a 'multi-pass' OpenGL render to produce a higher quality image.
  • Software - Performs an 'offline' render with the active software renderer. See Also: DzRenderer


Number : aspect

Holds the currently set aspect ratio (w / h). (Read Only)

Number : aspectHeight

Holds the currently set aspect ratio height. (Read Only)

Number : aspectWidth

Holds the currently set aspect ratio width. (Read Only)

Boolean : doubleSided

Holds whether or not to render polygons as double sided.

DzTime : endTime

Holds the scene time of the last frame to render.

Number : gain

Holds the gain value.

Number : gamma

Holds the gamma value.

GammaCorrection : gammaCorrection

Holds whether or not gamma correction is enabled.

Size : imageSize

Holds the size of the image to render.

Boolean : isAspectConstrained

Holds whether or not to constrain the pixel dimensions of the render to the aspect ratio.

Boolean : isCurrentFrameRender

Holds whether or not to render only the current frame.

String : lastRenderImgFilename

Holds the filename of the last image rendered. (Read Only)

String : lastRenderMovFilename

Holds the filename of the last movie rendered. (Read Only)

String : lastRenderSerFilename

Holds the base filename of the image series rendered. (Read Only)

Number : motionBlurOffset

Holds the time offset for blurring.

Number : motionBlurPct

Holds the amount of time between frames to blur across (0.0 - 1.0).

Number : motionBlurSamples

Holds the number of samples for motion blur.

Number : openGLPasses

Holds the number of passes for rendering in OpenGL.

PixelFilter : pixelFilter

Holds the pixel filter to use.

Number : rayTraceDepth

Holds the raytrace depth.

String : renderImgFilename

Holds the filename to save individual images to.

RenderImgTarget : renderImgToId

Holds the target for rendering individual images.

String : renderMovFilename

Holds the filename to save movies to.

RenderMovTarget : renderMovToId

Holds the target for rendering animations.

String : renderSerFilename

Holds the base filename to use when saving image series.

RenderStyle : renderStyle

Holds the style of the render.

RenderType : renderType

Holds the type of the render.

Boolean : renderViewport

Holds whether or not to use the aspect and size of the current viewport for the render.

Number : shadingRate

Holds the shading rate.

Number : shadowSamples

Holds the number of samples when rendering shadows.

Boolean : showPreview

Holds whether or not to show a preview.

DzTime : startTime

Holds the scene time of the first frame to render.

Boolean : useGLSL

Holds whether or not to use shaders when rendering in OpenGL.

Boolean : useMotionBlur

Holds whether or not to use motion blur.

Number : xFilterWidth

Holds the width of the pixel filter in x.

Number : xPixelSamples

Holds the number of samples per pixel in x.

Number : yFilterWidth

Holds the width of the pixel filter in y.

Number : yPixelSamples

Holds the number of samples per pixel in y.



Default Constructor. Initializes render options.




void : applyChanges()

Writes render options via the settings manager.

void : copyFrom( DzRenderOptions opt )

Copies the settings from another render options object.



DzFloatColor : gammaCorrectColor( DzFloatColor color )


  • color - The color to gamma correct.

Return Value:

  • If gamma correction is enabled, a linearized version of color. If gamma correction is off, color is returned unchanged.

void : resetOptions()

Sets values for render options found in the stored settings.

void : restoreDefaultSettings()

Restores the applications default settings and replaces the stored values.

void : setAspectRatio( Number widthRatio, Number heightRatio )

Set current aspect width for this render. Represented as widthRatio : heightRatio.

void : setToDefaults()

Sets all options to the default values, but does not affect values of stored/remembered settings. Also, no “changed” signals are emitted when calling this method.


void : aspectChanged( Number val )


Emitted when the aspect for the render has changed, or the viewport render status has changed.

void : aspectChanged( Number w, Number h )


Emitted when the aspect for the render has changed, or the viewport render status has changed.

void : aspectConstrainChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the constrain aspect ratio setting has changed.

void : defaultsRestored()


Emitted when the default options have been restored.

void : doubleSidedChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the double sided setting has changed.

void : endTimeChanged( DzTime time )


Emitted when the end time has changed.

void : gainChanged( Number gain )


Emitted when the gain value has changed.

void : gammaChanged( Number gamma )


Emitted when the gamma value has changed.

void : gammaCorrectionChanged( DzRenderOptions::GammaCorrection gc )


Emitted when gamma correction state has changed.

void : imageSizeChanged( Size size )

Signature:“imageSizeChanged(const QSize&)”

Emitted when the image size has changed.

void : motionBlurOffsetChanged( Number offset )


Emitted when the motion blur offset has changed.

void : motionBlurPctChanged( Number pct )


Emitted when the motion blur percentage has changed.

void : motionBlurSamplesChanged( Number samples )


Emitted when the motion blur samples has changed.

void : openGLPassesChanged( Number passes )


Emitted when the number of OpenGL passes has changed.

void : pixelFilterChanged( DzRenderOptions::PixelFilter filter )


Emitted when the pixel filter has changed.

void : rayTraceDepthChanged( Number depth )


Emitted when the ray trace depth has changed.

void : renderCurrentFrameChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the render current frame setting has changed.

void : renderImgFilenameChanged( String filename )

Signature:“renderImgFilenameChanged(const QString&)”

Emitted when the image filename for the render has changed.

void : renderImgTargetChanged( DzRenderOptions::RenderImgTarget id )


Emitted when the image target type for the render has changed.

void : renderMovFilenameChanged( String filename )

Signature:“renderMovFilenameChanged(const QString&)”

Emitted when the movie filename for the render has changed.

void : renderMovTargetChanged( DzRenderOptions::RenderMovTarget id )


Emitted when the movie target type for the render has changed.

void : renderSerFilenameChanged( String filename )

Signature:“renderSerFilenameChanged(const QString&)”

Emitted when the image series filename for the render has changed.

void : renderStyleChanged( DzRenderOptions::RenderStyle style )


Emitted when the render type has changed.

void : renderTypeChanged( DzRenderOptions::RenderType type )


Emitted when the render type has changed.

void : renderViewportChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the render to viewport setting has changed.

void : settingsChanged()


Emitted when any of the settings has changed.

void : shadingRateChanged( Number rate )


Emitted when the shading rate has changed.

void : shadowSamplesChanged( Number samples )


Emitted when the number of shadow samples has changed.

void : showPreviewChanged( Boolean onoff )


Emitted when the show preview setting has changed.

void : startTimeChanged( DzTime time )


Emitted when the start time has changed.

void : useGLSLChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the use GLSL setting has changed.

void : useMotionBlurChanged( Boolean onOff )


Emitted when the motion blur setting has changed.

void : xFilterWidthChanged( Number width )


Emitted when the X-axis filter width has changed.

void : xPixelSamplesChanged( Number samples )


Emitted when the number of X-axis pixel samples has changed.

void : yFilterWidthChanged( Number width )


Emitted when the Y-axis filter width has changed.

void : yPixelSamplesChanged( Number samples )


Emitted when the number of Y-axis pixel samples has changed.