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Base class for all render handlers.


Inherits :

Inherited By : DzImageRenderHandler


Detailed Description

Render handler classes are responsible for the settings of a render, as well as collecting the final image data passed back from the renderer.

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Color : getBackColor()

Return Value:

  • The background color

Rect : getCropWindow()

Return Value:

  • The area of the view to render, if the whole view is not to be rendered

Number : getNumFrames()

Return Value:

  • The number of frames to be rendered

Size : getSize()

Return Value:

  • The size (width, height) of the rendered image

DzTime : getStartingTime()

Return Value:

  • The scene time at which rendering will begin

Boolean : getUseCropWindow()

Return Value:

  • true if only a portion of the view will be rendered, otherwise false.

void : setBackColor( Color color )

Set background color for the render

void : setCropWindow( Rect window )

Set the portion of the view to be rendered, if the whole view is not to be rendered

void : setUseCropWindow( Boolean onOff )

Set the render to be limited to a portion of the view, or the whole view