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DAZ Script's global static object for geometry manipulation utility functions.


Inherits :



DAZ Script
DzErrorconvertToSubD ( DzNode node, Number defaultLevel=1 )
DzNodecreatePrimitive ( DzSettings settings )
voidgetDefaultPrimitiveOptions ( PrimitiveType type, DzSettings settings )

Detailed Description

The DzGeometryUtil object provides access to geometry manipulation utility functions. It is accessible via the Global::Geometry variable.


: PrimitiveType

TODO: Add description.

  • Sphere - TODO: Add description.
  • Cube - TODO: Add description.
  • Cone - TODO: Add description.
  • Plane - TODO: Add description.
  • Torus - TODO: Add description.
  • Cylinder - TODO: Add description.


DzError : convertToSubD( DzNode node, Number defaultLevel=1 )

Converts a scene item with polygon mesh geometry to a SubD object. If the node passed in is a DzBone or DzSkeleton, the entire figure will be converted to SubD.


  • node - The scene item to convert.
  • defaultLevel - The default subdivision level of the item after conversion.

Return Value:

  • DZ_NO_ERROR on success, otherwise an error code.

DzNode : createPrimitive( DzSettings settings )

Creates a primitive based on the settings supplied.


  • settings - The settings that specify the type of primitive and corresponding dimensions.

Return Value:

  • The new primitive node in the scene. NULL if nothing was created.

See Also:

void : getDefaultPrimitiveOptions( PrimitiveType type, DzSettings settings )

Populates a settings object with the default settings that are used to create a primitive.


  • type - The type of primitive shape to get the default options for.
  • settings - The settings object to populate with the individual settings that specify the type of primitive and corresponding dimensions.


  • The “PrimaryAxis” setting values have the following meanings:
  • 0 = X+
  • 1 = X-
  • 2 = Y+
  • 3 = Y-
  • 4 = Z+
  • 5 = Z-

See Also: