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The Transfer Utility allows the user to transfer a source figure's rigging over to an un-rigged target item in the scene. It is used for creating clothing for TriAx™ figures. The Transfer Utility also contains additional options to transfer UV coordinates, Morph targets, Weight and Selection Maps, and Face and Region Groups.

Definition of Basic Options Found in the Transfer Utility:

Source Item - The item in the scene you wish to copy from.

Target Item - The item in the scene you wish to paste to.

Item Shape - The shape you are projecting from. Choices are Default, Current, Morph or Clone.

Clone Shapes - A morph that has been designated a Modifier/Clone in the Presentation Editor.

Projection Template - A specially made item that has weight mapping adjusted, or morphs added, for certain items such as hair, dresses, or pants. In some situations using projection templates will give better results than projecting from the source figure alone.

Advanced Options Found in the Transfer Utility

Use Near Vertices - an optional projection algorithm.

Smart Left/Right Filtering - Assists in keeping Left/Right projected areas from crossing the center line. (The Left and Right Thigh Groups as an example)

Remove Unused Bones - (Weight Maps - Extended Options) Removes bones with no weight values from Target Item after transfer.

Respect Hidden Facets on Target -(Weight Maps - Extended Options) Retains Hidden Facets after transfer.

Source Morphs - (Morph Targets - Extended Options) Transfers Source Item morphs to Target Item

Projection Template Morphs - (Morph Targets - Extended Options) Transfers the Projection Template morphs to Target Item.

Reverse Source Shape from Target - If using a different shape for projection other than the default shape, this option will reverse the Source Shape from the Target Item, resulting in the clothing fitting back to the default Source Shape.

Replace Source with Target - Removes the Source Item, replacing it with the Target Item. Target Item retains the name of the Source Item, replacing it.

Fit to Source Figure - Target Item will fit to the Source Item after the transfer is completed.

Apply Smoothing Modifier - Target Item will have the smoothing modifier applied after transfer is complete.

Content Type - Defines what type of content the Target Item is.