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Carrara 8.5 Mac Installation - Bitrock Installer


Carrara 8.5 can be installed through a Bitrock Installer. It is highly recommended that users install Carrara 8.5 using the DAZ Install Manager. Installation guides using DIM are available for MAC and PC

Process Overview

  • Download the Appropriate Installer
  • Run the Installer


A knowledge of software installation techniques is required. Only advanced users who wish to customize their installation of Carrara 8.5 should install using a Bitrock installers. All others should install using the DAZ Install Manager.

Download the Appropriate Installer

Step 1

Access the Product Library from your 'My Account' section on the DAZ 3D website and locate Carrara 8.5

Step 2

Download the version of Carrara 8.5 that matches your system's architecture (note that the 64 bit version of Carrara 8.5 is only available to Pro users).

Run the Installer

Step 1

Double click the installer icon to launch the installer.

Step 2

Accept the Windows user account control dialogue to allow the installer to run.

Step 3

Make any changes to the default settings that are necessary. It is highly recommended that you DO NOT change any to the default settings.

  • By default Carrara will install to Applications/DAZ 3D/Carrara 8 or Applications/DAZ 3D/Carrara 8 64-bit depending on which version of Carrara is being installed 32-bit or 64-bit.

Step 4

Allow the installer to complete the installation.


You are now ready to run Carrara 8.5. However, the Scene Wizard and other features of Carrara won't function until the Native Content is installed. Please refer to the Carrara 8.5 set-up guide for information on how to install the native content, register and set up Carrara.