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Universal Hands And Feet Control

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Product Name: Universal Hands And Feet Control
Product ID: 91522
Published Artist(s): V3Digitimes
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2023-09-11

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Universal Hands and Feet Control is a set of scripted tools dedicated to drastically ease and speed up the creation and modifications of hands and fingers as well as feet and toes poses, for of all human figures, whatever the generation, from Victoria and Michael 4 to Genesis 9, including all Genesis generations.

Have you ever struggled trying to catch a finger bone to pose it correctly? Or are you simply fed up selecting bones by bones the fingers you want to pose? Have you been annoyed by a hand or foot Pose Control preventing you from reaching the exact pose you want? Do you find it annoying to go back and forth from hand or foot pose controls to bone rotations? Did you already give up using metacarpals or individual toes because they are not selectable via the Viewport?

Then Universal Hands and Feet Control is for you!

The hand part of Universal Hands and Feet Control is made of two scripts, one for left hand and one for right hand, making the creation or the adjustment of hands poses both much faster and easier. Gathering in a single interface all the rotations of the hand bones – including metacarpals - and the pose controls of the hand, you can now pose your hand more efficiently than ever. A dedicated hand camera, orbiting around the hand or the figure depending on what you prefer, can directly be controlled from the interface and enhances your global workflow.

Zeroing and baking tools are included. You can zero each finger individually, or all of them in a single click. The baking tools will transfer all the classical hand pose controls rotations directly to the fingers, giving you more comfort in hand pose creation and modification.

The foot part of Universal Hands and Feet Controls works exactly the same way, but on the feet, toes (“Toes” bone) and individual toes of the figure – knowing that that individual toes bones, existing since Genesis 2, are not selectable in the viewport. No need to browse your figure bone hierarchy in the scene Tab to find a specific toe, everything you need for a fast and accurate pose creation or adjustment is right before your eyes.

The right foot and left foot scripts gather in the same interface the foot and toes pose controls, the baking tools allowing to transform of those Pose Controls to direct rotations, and the zeroing tools acting on ‘foot’ and ‘toes’ main bones, and each individual ‘toes’ bone. This allows, associated with a controllable foot camera, an efficient and optimized workflow, covering a wide variety of cases, going from complex toe-by-toe poses to more simple foot and toe adjustments to shoes and to floor interaction.

No more need to select hands or feet bones or to swap between pose controls and bones rotations, no more need to struggle to reach the bone you want for a bone-by-bone adjustment! Whatever the generation you work on, with Universal Hands and Feet Control, incredible and easily created hands and feet poses are now at your fingertips!

Product Notes

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Universal Hands And Feet Control (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Scripts:V3Digitimes:Universal Hands And Feet Control”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Utilities:Scripts”

Additional Details

  • Scripts included in this product include source or derivative code from one or more of the Scripting Samples provided here:
  • First for any question, remark feedback, please contact V3Digitimes on Daz Forums, or use the thread dedicated to this project.
  • Generation 4 : only the figures deriving directly from Michael 4 and Victoria 4.2 are handled by this product.
  • Genesis and/or Genesis 2 : Hand Squeeze pose control is not directly introduced since driven by grasp pose control, Fingers Squeeze is available as a dial but is not baked with the rest for technical and practical reasons. Thumb and Fingers Straighten may show a difference between the Parameters Pane and the interface during Hand Straighten Pose Controls Modifications. This was necessary for a proper final bake. Genesis Hand Fist bake as well Genesis 2 Hand Chop bake may induce minor pose modifications (linked to the squeeze factor for Genesis 2).
  • Genesis 3 and above Feet : Metatarsal and heel (when relevant) don’t have specific dials because after testing it was most of the time counter-productive to use them directly. You can zero them “relatively” (relatively because their rotations can also depend on other bones rotation, so relatively means that you don’t add any additional rotation when they are driven by secondary properties).
  • In general, Toes Small Curl is not baked to transforms (morph related) but is zeroed if you zero any toe.
  • And remember that the oldest Generations (Victoria 4 to Genesis 2) are poor in term of feet controls and bakeable feet controls.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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