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CC Jynksie for Genesis 9

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Product Name: CC Jynksie for Genesis 9
Product ID: 91373
Published Artist(s): ChangelingChick
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2023-08-29

Product Information

How much trouble can one goblin be?

CC Jynksie for Genesis 9 is a Genesis 9 character with a greener side. She comes with two full-base skins that takes advantage of the PBR skin shader (both complete with male and female anatomical elements) and each has a masculine variant skin option as well. She has custom breast shaping for both clothed and unsupported shapes that can be used separately (and with other characters).

She has two sets of her own card-based brows (one more feminine and one more masculine) and 23 materials options.

She also has optional fibermesh Anatomical Elements hair that also has 23 color set presets to match. Also included are masculine shaping presets to round out her personality. She has 2 eyelash styles (feminine and masculine) with 23 colors to match her brows and other hair.

Jynksie has 26 eye material options, which include 21 regular eye colors, 2 solid eyes, a black sclera option, and the option to add emissives to her irises.

She has 4 eye shadow styles with 26 color options and a lightener and darkener additive.

To add to that, she also has 4 eye liner styles (compatible with all the shadows) with 26 accent color options (by style) and a lightener and darkener option (by style).

She has a lip color geoshell with 18 color options available in 5 shapes: full, muted, soft, subtle, and understated. There are 3 shine options available: base, matte, and gloss, as well as a shimmer lip option for any of the lip colors.

Lastly, there are 5 levels of lip color coverage. Her fingernail and toenail options have 18 colors to match her lips, 3 matching levels of shine, and a shimmer option as well. She also includes a blush geoshell to round out their makeup.

Bring Jynksie home for a blast!

Product Notes

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CC Jynksie for Genesis 9

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Anatomy”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:00 Resets”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:01 Eyes”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:02 Shadows:01 Shadow Bases”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:02 Shadows:02 Shadow Colors”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:03 Liners:01 Bases”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:03 Liners:02 Color Accents:Filled Accents”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:03 Liners:02 Color Accents:Heart Accents”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:03 Liners:02 Color Accents:Thin Accents”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:04 Extras”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:05 Lips”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:05 Lips:01 Style”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:05 Lips:02 Colors”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:05 Lips:03 Shine Options”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:05 Lips:04 Coverage”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:06 Fingernails”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:07 Toenails”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:08 Eyelashes”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:09 Brows”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Materials:10 Fibermesh Hair”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Characters:ChangelingChick:CC Jynksie:Shaping Presets”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Anatomy:External”
    • “Figures:People:Female:Fantasy SciFi”
    • “Figures:People:Male:Fantasy SciFi”
    • “Hair:Body”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Eyebrows”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Eyelashes:Color”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Eyelashes:Style”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Eyes:Eye Colors”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Eyes:Tears”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Genitalia”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Lips”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Makeup”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Mouth”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Nails”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:CC Jynksie for Genesis 9:Skin”
    • “Materials:Iray:Eyebrows”
    • “Materials:Iray:Eyelashes:Color”
    • “Materials:Iray:Eyelashes:Style”
    • “Materials:Iray:Eyes:Eye Colors”
    • “Materials:Iray:Eyes:Tears”
    • “Materials:Iray:Hair:Hair Colors”
    • “Materials:Iray:Mouth”
    • “Materials:Iray:Nails”
    • “Materials:Iray:Skin”
    • “Shaping:Apply:Body”
    • “Shaping:Apply:Complete”
    • “Shaping:Apply:Head”
    • “Shaping:Apply:Partial Body”
    • “Shaping:Apply:Partial Head”
    • “Shaping:Remove:Body”
    • “Shaping:Remove:Complete”
    • “Shaping:Remove:Head”
    • “Shaping:Remove:Partial Body”
    • “Shaping:Remove:Partial Head”

Additional Details

  • On the make ups please apply the base or apply first presets then the selected material preset.

Resolved Issues

  • 2024-01-22 Updated shadow lightener and darkener files, and corrected metadata error

Known Issues

  • None


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