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Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9

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Product Name: Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9
Product ID: 91326
Published Artist(s): PhilW
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2023-08-20

Product Information

Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9 provides LIE-based make-up for when you need dramatic, out-of-the-ordinary looks for your characters.

There are a huge number of presets which can be combined to create your own dramatic looks.

Presets cover foundations, lip colors and shines, eyes shadows and eyeliners, blushers, full face decorations, mascara, and nail varnish. Most presets come in 16 color variations and because everything is on layers, you can combine them to bring your wildest ideas to life! 28 full Presets are included to simply apply and render, and I hope they will also inspire you to create your own variations.

Suitable for catwalk models, party people, sci-fi, and fantasy characters in any setting, Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9 is the perfect way to add glamour and pizzazz to your characters.

Product Notes

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Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME01 Presets”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME02 Foundation”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME031 Spider”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME032 Mask”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME033 Leaf”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME034 Huge”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME035 Cheeks”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME036 Across”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME037 Teardrop”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME038 Wings”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME039 Upper Inset”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME040 Lower Inset”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME03 Eye Shadow:UME041 Lids Inset”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME04 Eye Liner”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME051 Feathers”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME052 Dots”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME053 Chevron”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME054 Spray”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME055 Horns”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME05 Forehead:UME056 Gradient”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME06 Lip Color”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME07 Lip Shine”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC01 Blusher”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC02 Cheekbones”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC03 Lines”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC04 Dots”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC05 Spray”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Make-Up Extreme:UME08 Cheeks:UMEC06 Gradient”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Ultimate Make-Up”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Ultimate Make-Up:UM905 Eye Lashes”
    • “People:Genesis 9:Materials:PhilW:Ultimate Make-Up:UM909 Nails”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Documents”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Eyelashes:Color”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Eyelashes:Style”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Lips”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Makeup”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Nails”
    • “Materials:Iray:Base:Ultimate Make-Up Extreme Layers for Genesis 9:Settings”

Additional Details

  • Most of the make-up uses LIE (Layered Image Editor) based make-up layers to be able to freely combine the different elements for maximum versatility. This does however come with a couple of things that the user must follow to get the best results:

there must be something in the Make-Up layer to be able to add the makeup layers, therefore one of the Foundation presets must be applied first, and applying these will reset all of the makeup.

  • There are choices that have no apparent foundation applied, it is important to use either the light or dark skin versions to match your character's skin tone to avoid edge effects around the applied makeup.
  • There is no way in a preset that you can remove a LIE layer once applied, except to undo. I, therefore, recommend using the Iray preview when setting up the make-up on your character, and if you are not happy with a particular choice, simply Undo (Ctrl-Z) that before applying another choice.
  • Many of the presets are deliberately set up so that you can layer them, so you can combine the different shapes and colors to create your own variations.
  • Eyelashes and nails use more conventional material presets.
  • These are the same as my previous Ultimate Make-up Layer System for Genesis 9.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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