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Edie 8 Props and Poses

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Product Name: Edie 8 Props and Poses
Product ID: 51983
Published Artist(s): Daz Originals
Created By: NGartplay
Release Date: 2018-04-24

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Edie is a unique character who walks in the fantasy realm. This pack contains props and poses that fit into that genre and each of the props has a corresponding pose that utilizes it.

Included in the set are wearable presets that load the prop and pose in one click for Edie 8 and Genesis 8 Female. This pack for Edie 8 includes 12 props, 1 ribbon figure, 29 Iray materials, 9 full pose wearable presets, 9 hand only wearable presets, 18 poses, 2 default hand poses, 1 default Edie pose, 6 right and left hand only poses and 8 facial expressions. Some poses and all full wearable presets are included for Genesis 8 Female excluding limits off hand only poses.

Product Notes

Installation Packages

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  • 1 Core 1)

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Edie 8 Props and Poses (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Materials”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Poses”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Poses:Hands Only”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Props”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Wearables”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Edie 8:Wearables:Hand Only Edie”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Genesis 8 Female:Poses”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Hands Only”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Genesis 8 Female:Wearables”
    • “People:Genesis 8 Female:Poses:Edie 8 Props and Poses:Genesis 8 Female:Wearables:Hand Only Genesis”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Materials:Iray:Props”
    • “Materials:Iray:Wardrobe”
    • “Poses:By Function:Crawling”
    • “Poses:By Function:Crouching”
    • “Poses:By Function:Flying”
    • “Poses:By Function:Running”
    • “Poses:By Function:Sitting”
    • “Poses:By Function:Standing”
    • “Poses:By Function:Walking”
    • “Poses:By Region:Full Body”
    • “Poses:By Region:Partial Body:Hands”
    • “Poses:Other:Reset”
    • “Props:Effects”
    • “Props:Food”
    • “Props:Furnishings:Decor”
    • “Props:Kitchenware”
    • “Props:Wardrobe”
    • “Props:Weapons:Staffs”
    • “Wardrobe:Dresses”

Additional Details

  • The poses in this set were created with limits on and posed by manipulating rotations in the parameters tab. Because the limits are on not all thumb positions may suit your needs. For this purpose I included default right and left hand poses so that you may use Edie's hand pose controls independently of any applied pose. I have also created three extra hand only wearable presets for the grasping poses. These load in the prop along with limits off hand poses so you have a choice of hands when using the wearable files with grasping hand poses. These include the hand mirror, the spoon and the walking stick. Apply the wearable pose first, delete the prop then apply the corresponding limits off pose. Limits must be off for these to work. I select all parts of the arms and hands in the scene tab then in the parameters tab I click on the triangle menu and scroll down to Limits and choose 'Limits Off'.
  • Three props in this set are not parented to Edie. They include the cooking pot, the ash pile and the wood. They are parented to each other. To use them together make sure that you have one of them selected in the scene tab as you load the next one. I prefer to load the cooking pot, then the ash pile and lastly the wood.
  • One of the props in this set is a ribbon prop which I call a float ribbon. If you are using the Float Up pose this prop ribbon will look perfect on Edie. If you want to use the float ribbon with other poses then you will want to load the float ribbon figure. The float ribbon figure fits Genesis 8 female as well as Edie. The float ribbon prop does not fit Genesis 8 so the float ribbon figure should be used with her.
  • Some of the poses have hand and arms that are away from the body. This is so that the props or body parts do not suck into the clothing when Edie is dressed. Depending on the clothing that you are using you may want to move the arms closer to the body. The Edie & Basket wearable and pose is one of these poses. To move the arm closer to the body select the right collar in the scene tab and manipulate the Bend slider. Edie Ponder pose is another pose with this condition. To move the hand closer to her hip select the left collar in the scene tab and manipulate the Bend slider.
  • The sparkle prop and float ribbon figure and prop have a Lamp Only material option. This material option only adds emission to the selected material for those props/figure. To use the Lamp Only materials load your prop into the scene, select the material that you want to use then apply the Lamp Only material option.
  • The promotional images are rendered with bloom enabled but this is not necessary. To get a dark scene in Render Settings I have headlamps set to 'never', draw dome 'on', environment map set to zero and environment intensity set to zero.
  • There are no morphs included in any of the props in this set.
  • When using the wearable files the prop(s) will load into the scene along with the figure. If you want to use a different wearable you should delete the existing prop in the scene first as the props do not automatically delete when changing wearable presets. This is true for the hand only wearable presets as well.
  • This product was created by loading the Edie 8 character directly into my scene. I did not load Genesis 8 Female first then dial in Edie. If you have difficulties with this product try loading in Edie 8 instead of Genesis 8 Female when you want to use Edie 8.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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The contents of this package are in DAZ Studio Native formats