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HSS Fabric Shaders 1-Glamour

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Product Name: HSS Fabric Shaders 1-Glamour
Product ID: 21131
Published Artist(s): Handspan Studios
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2015-02-11

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Ultra fine realistic fabric shaders. This first collection is specializing in dramatic dance, sensual and luxury apparel fabrics. The focus is on glitz and glamor with lavish metallic, tactile velvets and satins, delicate netting and flashy sequins. Visually striking crinkle effects, pleated silk, wispy gauze, devoré and crushed velvet textures make for renders that will stand out from the crowd.

Fabrics exquisitely embellished with rhinestones, beads and many varieties of sequins, glitter and foil. Useful in your renders wherever you need extra shimmer to draw the eye or a fabric to set the sensual mood. A wide selection of metallic, lace, velvet, animal prints, brocade, Lycra stretch, sheer, glitter knit, damask, netting and more.

A truly versatile fabric collection, (counting large and small scale presets as one shader preset) there are 149 shader presets consisting of 68 unique tiling texture patterns plus some preset color variations based on those patterns. Many more color variations are possible by the end user customizing the diffuse and/or refection parameters. The basis for these shaders are 181 actual texture, bump, transparency and specular maps and the various material settings customized for DAZ Studio. As an added bonus it also includes 4 simple, easy to render Light presets that I have used in the promo images and one Render Settings preset so you can get great results with a few clicks, right out of the box.

Most of these Shader Presets come with a large and small scale version for ease of use and these, once loaded, can be modified via the parameters to perfection in your own scene. You'll find these tiling textures are easy on your system resources and disk space too.

All textures are seamlessly tiling and by repeating can fill an area of any size. The tiling texture file sizes range from approximately 50 pixels for the smallest tile to 1500 as the largest with an average size of about 600 pixels per image map and a total size for the image folder of 55 MB. The variation in size is because the natural repeat in a fabric is very different from one to another, a netting pattern for example repeats in one tiny diamond but something like a pleated fabric not only encompasses the repeat in the weave of the fabric but also the pleats or folds as well. I have tried for a balance between looking natural and seamless in tiling, high enough resolution to show quality details and reasonable in size for your rendering speed.

Product Notes

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HSS Fabric Shaders 1-Glamour (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Shader Presets:HSS Fabric Shaders 1 Glamour”
    • “Shader Presets:HSS Fabric Shaders 1 Glamour:Light Presets”
    • “Shader Presets:HSS Fabric Shaders 1 Glamour:Render Settings”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Lights:Other”
    • “Render-Settings”
    • “Shaders:Fabric”
    • “Shaders:Metal”

Additional Details

A large collection of dance, luxury and glamor fabric shader presets for 3d fashion fun.

  • Creator Notes:
    • The user files can be located within the program interface by going to Content Library> Shader presets> HSSFabricShaders1_Glamor
  • With a texturable object selected in your scene and also a material selected in the surfaces tab, click any Shader preset. If the texture seems too large or blurry try the _Small version of the shader file, if further adjustment is needed in scale change the U and V scale parameters by equal values (unless you want to make the texture look stretched in one direction or the other) until the texture looks the right size. A smaller number will be a larger texture, the more repeats of the tile the smaller and sharper your texture will look. Too small a setting may start to look like digital “noise” or moire patterns will show up.
  • If you get the message “an error has occurred…” it is generally because you have either not selected the object in the Scene tab or not selected both the Object and the Material zone in the Actors, Wardrobe and Props> Surfaces> Editor tab before applying your preset.
  • Those shaders that use no diffuse color map or use a grey scale one can have the colors of the fabric changed via the parameters, usually diffuse color and sometimes reflection and or specular color parameters will change the hue of the fabric. If you change the values other than hue, such as light and dark the fabric may loose it's resemblance to the original.
  • It is OK to use the tiling textures to flood fill a UV map for your own personal use as a texture but this collection is not intended as a merchant resource. It is only intended to represent real fabrics in 3d rendered artwork. Please do not redistribute these textures in any form other than rendered artwork.
  • The shader settings were optimized for the included light presets and should need little or no adjustment using those but under some of the stronger lights from other artists you may find you get too much glare. You can fix this by either turning down the light values on the light preset or turning down the glossiness or making the specular and/or reflection colors darker on the fabric. If you choose to change the glossiness or other shader values the character of the fabric look may change, so I recommend changing the light settings to be dimmer instead.
  • While I try to keep file sizes small and avoid any kind of unnecessary bloating some “empty” parameters are included in these shaders with values of zero, this is to make sure to set the property back to zero in the event that the user is changing from some previous fabric that had a value in that parameter.
  • In order for the shader presets to find the textures they call on, the image files must be installed in the specified runtime folder.
  • More shader collections coming soon!

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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