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AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders for DS and Poser

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Product Name: AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders for DS and Poser
Product ID: 20982
Published Artist(s): Fisty & Darc
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2015-01-17

Product Information

  • Required Products: None

Medieval style shader presets for DAZ Studio and MT5s for Poser.

Why have to choose? Here you can have both!

Special care has been taken to achieve the same “feel” to the materials across both programs without sacrificing their relative strengths, they don't look exactly the same in both but they do look fantastic in both.

Two hundred forty presets for both programs, seven main styles in a rainbow of colors each plus a folder full of assorted leather styles and basic gold and silver. The DAZ Studio version comes with many adjustment presets for quickly changing the bump strength, tiling scales, and other applicable settings. The Poser version has the tiling scales linked up with easy to find master nodes for quick adjustment.

This is also a merchant resource.

You may use the texture tiles and shader tab/material room setup for all of these in your own products for free or sale as long as the textures are on a template.

The Poser and DAZ Studio versions are stand-alone, you do not need to install both if you only use one of the programs. The Poser version requires fewer texture maps to work and is a smaller installer as a result.

These can be used on any item that is UV mapped. Please see the ReadMe for helpful tips and especially for instructions if you're new to using shader presets or MT5s.

Product Notes

Installation Packages

Below is a list of the installation package types provided by this product. The name of each package contains a Package Qualifier, which is used as a key to indicate something about the contents of that package.

  • [2 DS]

[ ] = Optional, depending on target application(s)

Not all installation packages provide files that are displayed to the user within the interface of an application. The packages listed below, do. The application(s), and the location(s) within each application, are shown below.

AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders for DS and Poser DS

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:!Extras”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Brocade 1 Sheer”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Brocade 1”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Brocade 2”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Linen Basic”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Linen Sheer”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Padded”
    • “Shader Presets:Fisty:AElflaeds Fancy:Wool Felted”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Shaders:Fabric”

AElflaed's Fancy - Shaders for DS and Poser Ps

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Materials: “Fisty”

Additional Details

  • How to apply a shader preset in DS:
    • Select the item in question in the scene tab, also select its surface you want to change in the surface tab. You can use the surface selection tool to quickly get both by just clicking on the part of the object/figure(s) in the viewport you want to change. In either tab or with the tool you can select multiples by holding down the Ctrl (Cmnd) key. Double click your desired preset in the library.
  • How to apply an MT5 preset in Poser:
    • Go to the material room, click on the area you want to change in the viewport with the eyedropper. Double click your desired preset in the library. Repeat with any of the other material zones you want to change.
  • Due to the way these are constructed the scale will not show accurately in the veiwport. Spot render to see how they will look before adding complex lights to save yourself time.
  • White is a very finiky color to work with, you may need to make the diffuse color lighter or darker grey, or lower the specular strength depending on your lighting. I went with a middle of the road setup but expect it to need a little bit of tweaking.
  • In Poser there are nodes to easily change the tile scale accross all the texture maps used, they are right at the top and labeled, you can't miss them.
  • In DS you will need to change the U and V scale to your liking depending on how your items are UV mapped. (There are quick presets for several sizes but you might need to use something other than what I provided) Because these presets use Uber Surface if you need to go beyond 10 you will need to turn off limits on those two scale dials.
  • In DS back facing polygons with velvet applied will render very bright it's an unavoidable side effect of Uber Surface velvet. Using lights with ambient occlusion (Uber Environment or AoA's Advanced Ambient Light) helps a lot in places where it shows up regularly, like the bottom of skirts and sleeves. It's most noticable on the wool presets, the others that use velvet are at a low enough strength for it to not be much of an issue, just keep in mind if you decide to crank up the velvet strength you could run into that bug.
  • The metallic overlay presets that use transparency will take a very long time to render in DS (mostly Brocade 1 Sheer), I included a preset to change them to mapped reflection if you're in a hurry. The default raytraced reflections look more realistic, the mapped is faster, so it's a trade off you will have to decide between.
  • All the Poser materials are based upon greyscale textures so you can change the colors fairly easily if you wish, just chose one that's closest to your desired outcome and change the diffuse color and any of the other settings that are tinted (specular color, etc, if you're changing the color of one of the types that has gold or silver overlay leave the reflection color alone.) If you're only doing a slight shift in tint or making it lighter or darker you probably will only need to change the diffuse color.
  • About half of the DS presets are greyscale based, the others have colored diffuse maps. The easiest way to tell is if the shader has gold or silver on top of a color it's not easy to change the color, if it's a solid color it is. The solid ones (Linen, Linen Sheer, Wool, and !Extras) you can just change the diffuse color and whatever other channels are tinted to match, remember to scroll down and check the velvet color as well for the wool presets. If you want a very light color start with white or a similar light color, if you want dark start with black or a similar dark color, they use different diffuse maps depending on how dark they are so best to get the right one to start with. If you want to change the color of one of the ones that uses a colored diffuse map you will need to make a copy of the diffuse map and alter it in a 2D program like Photoshop, GIMP, or PSP. The specular maps can be used as a mask to make it easier to get the right selection for a color shift.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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