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Other Import Formats

In addition to its own DAZ Studio Formats, and the special handling of Poser Formats, DAZ Studio also provides the ability to use other import formats. Like Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) animation files, Wavefront Object (OBJ) geometry files and Collaborative Design Activity (COLLADA - DAE) interchange files.

Base Directories

DAZ Studio allows you to specify more than one location where your content files are stored. This can be another location on the same hard drive, a separate location on a different internal/external drive or even a location on mapped network drive.

  • Adding, or “mapping”, a base directory can be accomplished by right clicking on the Other Import Formats container and choosing the Add a Base Directory… option.
  • Removing, or “un-mapping”, a base directory can be accomplished by right clicking on the base directory container itself and choosing the Remove Base Directory option. Removing a base directory does NOT delete it, it simply disassociates it so that the application does not continue to look there for content.
  • Removing, or “un-mapping”, all previously specified base directories can be accomplished by right clicking on the DAZ Studio Formats container and choosing the Remove All Base Directories option.

Alternatively, the functionality to add, remove, edit and even reorder base directories exists within the Content Directory Manager..., found in the Option Menu.


Within the specified Base Directories can be a series of nested sub-directories that are used to organize your content. These directories are named and placed by content creators and/or by you, if you are creating content of your own. While it is possible to rename, move and/or delete these directories should you want to rearrange your content to better suit your way of thinking/working, it is highly recommended that you establish a default location here and utilize the Database Based Categories if you would like to benefit from Metadata.