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Hands for Industry

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Product Name: Hands for Industry
Product ID: 21569
Published Artist(s): deci6el, Moebius87
Created By: N/A
Release Date: 2015-04-12

Product Information

  • Required Products: Dystopian Worker Drone

“Many hands make light work.” When its time for heavy work your DWD work force will need many interchangeable tools to suit the task at hand.

Hands for Industry is a set of 4 figures and 5 props for the Dystopian Worker Drone (sold separately).

Nailgun, Welder and Polisher are the core powered tools that conform to the DWD’s wrist and can be used in left, right, or double-fisted positions. As single hand tools they are off-set by a new design called Manoid that mimic a more human appendage. This four fingered gripping tool comes in Left, Right and a combined Left/Right figure for handling the unpowered tools; Shovel, Spade, Hammer, Pick and Wheelbarrow.

Other support props include Gas Tanks and acetylene flame for the Welder, four kinds of dirt to fill Wheelbarrow as well as smart and dumb versions of each unpowered tool.

Pre-built groups are included with poses for using the DWD (sold separately) with hands and tools. A set of poses for each of these groups is included.

Add a set of color variations for specific parts and you have the implements that will set your work force on a course for construction or destruction. Only your managing skills will decide which!

Product Notes

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Hands for Industry (Core)

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Manoid Holding Tools”
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Manoid”
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Nailer”
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Polisher”
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Welder”
    • Figures: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:03_Hand-Tools:Xtra Character Bonus”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Manoid”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Nailer”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Polisher”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Tanks”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Tools”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:WhBarrow Dirt”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:WhBarrow”
    • Materials: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:04_Hands:Hands Tools:Welder”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Manoid”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Nailer”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Polisher”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tanks”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:Figures”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:Figures:WhBarrow”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:Props”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:Props:WhBarrow Dirt”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Tools:Props:WhBarrow”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Mats:04_DWD-Hands:Hands Tools:Welder”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid Holding Tools:Manoids Hammer”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid Holding Tools:Manoids Pick”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid Holding Tools:Manoids Shovel”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid Holding Tools:Manoids Spade”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid:Manoid Left”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid:Manoid Right”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Manoid:Manoid RightLeft”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Nailer Poses”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Polisher Poses”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:Welder Poses”
    • Pose: “Dystopia:Figures:Dweed:DWD_Poses:06_HandTools:xtraBonus HeavyHitter”
    • Props: “Dweed:Hand Tools:Dirt Smart”
    • Props: “Dweed:Hand Tools:Tools Smart”
    • Props: “Dweed:Hand Tools:Tools Unparented”
  • You can find new icons for this product in the following DAZ Studio Categories:
    • “Figures:Mechanical”
    • “Materials:Props”
    • “Poses:By Function:Action”
    • “Poses:By Function:Kneeling”
    • “Poses:By Function:Standing”
    • “Poses:By Region:Full Body”
    • “Poses:Props and Accessories”
    • “Props:Effects”
    • “Props:Machinery”
    • “Props:Tools”

Additional Details

  • New hand characters for the Dystopian Worker Drone can be found in:
    • Characters/Dystopia/Figures/Dweed/03_Hand-Tools
  • Individual Hand Tool Characters should be conformed to the Dystopian Worker Drone “Unity” or “Torso”(sold separately)
  • Pre-conformed Characters are included and will load the hands once it has located the DWD.
  • Poses for both the DWD (sold separately) and Hands can be found in:
    • Poses/Dystopia/Figures/Dweed/DWD_Poses/06_HandTools
  • The pose file Manoid contains individual poses for L, R and LR Manoid figures and an extensive set of poses for the DWD, Manoid and Tool props.
  • The tool props come with a pre-built character in the Character category and can also be found in:
    • Props/Dystopia/Figures/Dweed/Tools.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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